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Tornado Object VR Software

Tornado is a family of virtual-object software applications for Microsoft Windows. Each enables you to import collections of standard photos and merge them into virtual 3D objects (Flash Object VR) that are viewable via the ubiquitous Adobe Flash Web-browser plug-in.

Tornado Pro creates detailed 360-degree 3D objects by combining up to 180 high-resolution 2D photos; Tornado Lite is limited to 24 photos per object. Original photos can be in JPEG or TIFF format.

Ultra High Resolution

Tornado virtual objects are highly detailed, providing a resolution that matches that of the best digital cameras. Never before has it been possible to provide in-browser 3D objects of this detail.

Spin, Zoom and Pan

Interactive Flash Object VR models simulate the experience of holding a real object in your hands, enabling you to spin, zoom and pan using your mouse or toolbar.

Resellers wanted

If you would like to become a reseller of Workflow3D products, then please start by filling out our online application (provided by Digital River, opens in a new window).

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